Why choose illuminati sports?

Expert handicapper Justin Bhatt has several years of documented winning (both public through Sportsbook Review NFL/NHL videos and with the free pick YTD on this site). Justin's track record of success is no illusion; +$ for various professional sports, giving you the edge as a client. illuminatisports.ca offers the absolute best value for subscriptions and seasonal passes; don't sleep on profit, let Justin's intel leverage your bankroll in the proper direction today!

I don't have PayPal or Bitpay, how do I make a payment?

For users that do not have a PayPal account or BitPay, e-mail info@illuminatisports.ca with details: you will be contacted and prompted with alternative payment methods.

Are We a Gambling Website?

We are not a gambling website. illuminati sports was strictly established to provide sports bettors with analysis and picks on various games. It is the bettors responsibility to take the information that illuminatisports.ca provides their account with to the appropriate website where betting is permitted in their location and uses the star rating accordingly.

What is a betting line (aka moneyline)?

A line is a formulated predicament by oddsmakers which is spread across sportsbooks. This often determines which play will be plus money (underdog), and which play will be negative money (favorite). Moneylines will be listed as ML to members for plays when logging in.

What does the over/under ('total') mean?

Sportsbooks set a 'total', which is the predicted number of points the teams will score combined. You can bet on whether you think the actual outcome of the game will fall 'under' the predicted 'total', or 'over' it. Ex: If the 'total' for the Nets vs. Heat matchup closed at 188 and the Heat won 107-93, the combined 200 points would give 'over' bettors a win. Totals posted on illuminati sports will be listed as O or U to subscribers.

What is a point spread?

Point Spreads are a formulated amount of points allotted to both sides (both favorite and underdog) for a majority of sports matchups.

Example: An NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. The Bills are a favorite and therefore have a -4 point spread (they must either push at -4 or win by 5 or more points to cover; in contrast, the Jets are underdogs and have a +4 point spread, therefore they must lose by 4 or less to cover, or win the game outright.

What is a 'parlay'?

A parlay is a one bet ticket with at least two separate wagers on it. All bets on the ticket must win for you to cash in. If you lose any of the games on the ticket; it's a loser. The point of betting parlays is to increase the payout, however with that also comes a greater risk of losing.

What is a 'teaser'?

Teasers are made up of multiple selections in which the odds have been teased in the bettors favor. The bettor can increase the odds of winning at a lower rate of return. Teasers are used in against the spread betting and you can either tease the underdog (take more points) or tease the favorite (lay less points) and much like a parlay, all individual bets must win for the teaser to cash. For example, in football betting most shops will pay 1:1 for a two-team, seven-point teaser.

What is In-Game Betting?

In game betting is a recent feature that specific sportsbooks have to offer where wagering is permitted during a matchup. illuminati sports will not make a play unless the bet is appealing to our team of handicappers. This feature is exclusive only to the subscribers of gold and VIP platinum.

What does OTB stand for?

OTB is odds to be determined when sportsbooks have not yet posted a line for the selected match.

Why does sportsbook line movement occur and why is it different than what was posted when logging in?

A line moves because sportsbooks try and balance the money being laid on either side. If the public favors one team too much, the line moves to attract support to the other team.

If significant line movement is imminent, the public may be responding to a situation the general public is unaware of. Examples include: suspension, key player injury, change of important figure [pitcher, quarterback, goalie, or star player]. It also might simply be that one team is overly popular.

Why are odds different on certain sportsbooks than others?

Certain sportsbooks attempt to give an 'edge' to sports bettors by giving the best line possible. This can be achieved by shaving a few dollars off the juice, as well as giving more +$ on underdogs.